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Social Media Marketing Tips: 6 Things about Conversion Tracking | 社交媒體行銷:關於轉換追蹤的6件事

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Are you struggling with the result yielded from your past advertising campaigns?

Are you in doubt about whether the right group of people is targeted?

Are you feeling lost and confused while choosing the right marketing channels?

Are you wondering why you cannot retain old customers?

Conversion tracking is a way to monitor the effectiveness of an ad campaign, it ultimately helps you to collect and analyze your customer’s behavioral data, how and when they decide to make a purchase, put their name on your email subscription list, give you a call, download you app, and more.

Sounds great? Slow down. Here are the 6 key facts that you must know before start tracking your conversion online! You may also need to review it from time to time, as to make sure everything is on track and not being directed towards a wrong path.




你可能需要了解一下「轉換追蹤」。 轉換追蹤是用來追蹤客戶與廣告互動「之後」的動作,包括購買產品、致電您的商家,或下載您的應用程式。當客戶完成您定義為具有價值的動作時,這些動作即稱為轉換。追蹤並分析這些數據將協助您達到商業目標! 聽起來像輕而易舉,實則非然。在行銷同時,你亦需要定期進行檢討,以確保所有事情均在預期之內。以下6大有關轉換追蹤的要點將大大幫您一把!

1. Revisiting Your Goals Again | 檢視您的目標

Back to square one. What do you have in mind once you establish your business, or designing this campaign? What do you want to achieve in the first place? Promote a new service or product of yours? Or to simply gain exposure in the increasingly competitive market?

Now you have a foundation to build on, it is time to come up with a defined, established and quantifiable objective based on your past result from campaigns with similar natures, groups that you would like to reach out, and more. Sometimes learning from your competitors and acquiring predictive trends from industry news help with your brainstorming as well.



2. Different types of KPI | 關鍵績效指標

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are commonly adopted to measure the performance of the campaign. Your KPIs should be components that can be used to demonstrate how well your objectives are achieved. Without the use of KPI, you have no way of knowing whether or not your work, money and time are worthwhile.

Impressions, clicks and bounce rate, which is the percentage of people who visited your website and leaves the page without browsing further, are some effective KPIs you may want to consider.

關鍵績效指標 (KPI) 被廣泛利用來計算市場銷售計劃的成效,並用作計劃商業目標的單位。如是者,沒有適當的KPIs輔助,你的公司亦難以作出準確的決策。曝光次數,點擊數和跳出率(即點進你的廣告但即時關掉所佔的百分比),都是一些常見的KPI。

3. Marketing Channels | 市場行銷渠道

When comes to exploring new marketing channels, some marketers could be quite conservative and tend to cling to those proven channels. It is important to explore around and keep yourself up to date, as everything in the world of digital marketing is moving at the speed of light. The right path is never easy, but you could learn by trial-and-error. No matter what your starting point is, always nurture a good understanding of the available channels you can leverage on. Perform AB testing among channels and make varied attempts with your marketing materials until a combination with the best performance is yielded.

Here are several types of online marketing channel that you may consider.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), e.g keywords display, re-marketing, pay per click platforms etc.

  • Social Media Marketing e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

  • Content Marketing e.g. videos, blogs, social media post

  • Email Marketing

  • Influencer/Key Opinion Leader Marketing



  • 搜尋引擎優化

  • 搜尋引擎行銷(如關鍵字搜尋、再營銷、每次點擊付費等)

  • 社交媒體行銷(如Facebook、、Twitter、Youtube等)

  • 內容行銷(如社交媒體發文網誌、短片等)

  • 電郵行銷

  • 影響者 (KOL) 行銷

4. Define a Conversion Funnel | 計劃銷售行徑

Usually, your potential customer may take several interactions with your advertisements or your websites before a conversion occurs. An optimized conversion funnel is vital to your success in online marketing. Every website and every pieces of marketing materials online in existence has a conversion funnel, whether it was created intentionally. It could be as simple as asking people to sign up for your one-off e-book, or let everyone remain cohesive to your subscription plan in the long run. By visualizing and comprehending the journey that your customers are likely to go through, you can now take actions to refine that flow, or even identify leaks in the funnel.


5. Analyze Conversion Data | 收集與分析轉換數據

In an ideal world the funnel should drive all your customers straight to your desired actions, not one less. But in reality, only some of them can make it to the bottom of the funnel. By studying the data you obtained along the funnel, you should be able to come up with answers to the following questions.

  • What behaviors lead to conversion?

  • Which channel drives the highest conversion?

  • What prevents people from moving to the next step?

After you have pinpointed where you have issues in your funnel, it’s time to take action and get rid of them. Changes vary from replacing a word with its synonym, to the entire layout of the website. There is no on-fit-for-all practice, so there is no need to aimlessly follow your competitor’s practices.


  • 那種行為會導致轉換發生?

  • 那一個渠道能達致最佳的轉換率?

  • 有什麼因素阻礙客戶繼續探索?


6. Refine marketing campaign | 市場行銷成效和調整

Now, as you have analyzed the conversion data, it’s time to refine and improve the marketing campaign. You may find come across some issues while you are going through your findings, such as

  • Page design made it difficult for users to visit, it could be too much visual elements, or simply technical bugs and slow loading speed preventing users from continuing their journey online

  • Targeting the wrong group so no one seems super excited about your campaign/website

  • Influencer marketing result wasn’t as expected. What went wrong? Where and when did everyone drop off?

  • A/B testing shows that the result of A is better. You could commence campaign A, or create a campaign C and see which performs better, so in the long run you could ensure all the investments made are yielding positive results.


  • 網頁版面對用家而言難以掌握,如網頁設計過於複雜,或程式出現錯誤,頁面運作過慢等。

  • 針對了錯誤的觀眾群,因而得不到理想的迴響。

  • 影響者行銷的成效低於預期

  • A/B測試的結果指向A組表現較佳(A/B測試是將需要兩組假説或變因分成兩組進行測試,簡稱A組和B組,從而選擇目標達成表現較好的一組),您可以修正A組因素的內容或創立更多因素作比較,以確保您的投資能獲得正面的回報。


Great! How should I get started?

Conversion tracking tools offered by Google, such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords are the most popular and free analytics software suitable for any type of business. They equip you in-depth detail about your customer’s behavioral data and streamline your analysis in regards to point 5 and point 6. User testing tools such as heat maps (which generates a visual map showing where your customers focus on your website), surveying, pop-up boxes to be embedded in your websites etc. are all at your services too!

Choosing an agency to help you shape the success strategy is a big decision. It could be intimidating if you are new to these tools, especially if you have no idea where to start with. Here at Allua, we want to make it an easy one! For more questions regarding our services, click here.

掌握以上資訊後,你便可以開始計劃了! 轉換追蹤工具如Google Analytics和Google Ads等免費程式均便於安裝以進行收集及分析數據,適合各行業使用。這兩個程式為您提供了詳細的顧客行為數據,並協助您進行第5及第6點所包括的分析。其餘客戶分析工具如熱感地圖(以熱感的方式表達客戶的在您的網站中主要停留的位置),市場調查,彈跳式視窗等均能助你一臂之力!



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