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Custom visual content yields 7 times higher conversion rates than those presented in plain text. 

Allua offers comprehensive animation production and marketing services in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore & China. We have created more than 1,000 animated videos, explainers videos and motion graphics for startups as well as listed companies like HK Government, Taipei Government, PCCW, Unicef and Gammon Construction.

Best SEO Practices (搜索引擎排名優化簡介) by Allua Tech
Gleneagles Corporate Animation
國家實驗研究院 (NARLabs) - 女性科學家輔導計劃 Allua Animation
HK Electric (港燈) PV Animation Video
Gammon Construction
BOKSS OCD Explainer Animation
2D Character Animation Art Style
Online Intelligence Product Animation
Allua Tech at Night
YMCA 集體婚禮 Animated Video
HKU CSRP - Myths of Suicide Animation Video
Praxonomy Corporate Animation (Final Version2)
CYAN Intelligent 迅杰智能 Corporate Animation (Final)
Hong Kong ICC Animation Project - Chinese New Year
HK Electric (港燈) - Smart City Animation
Chun Wo Animation Explainer Video (Final)

Reasons to Include Animations in Marketing Planning

Allua, as one of the best animation production and digital marketing agencies in Asia, constantly look for new approaches to assist our clients in setting themselves apart. Our clients compete in some of the most competitive markets online and offline such as finance, insurance, medications and real-estates. In the online marketplace, differentiation is key to winning business. Your offerings need to be able to stand out from the crowd. At Allua, we understand your needs to stay on top of your game in order to compete with other companies. Securing an appearance on Google search results is definitely inadequate to sustain your business.

You might be surprised to find out just how powerful visual content could be. If you're looking for ways to improve your brand's conversion rates, start with creating visual content with the help of local animation agencies. Let's look at some recent statistics:


  • People process visual media content 60,000 times faster than text.

  • Online animation/video advertisements harvests 75% of viewers to interact

  • 90% of users say that seeing product animations is helpful in decision process

So it makes sense that people respond more favorably to visual content than any other type of content. Visual content increases conversion rates in multiple ways. Animation is one of the most shareable content format types across platforms and media. Explainer animations are a great way to get your message across, particularly when you're trying to explain a complex concept or product, showing how they work in real life situations. You can also include them on your website as social proof or as client testimonials. Check out this article for more on Why Consumers Love Animation.


That's why Allua, an animation production and marketing agency, encourages our clients to build their brand through differentiating tactics using animations and motion graphics. We know people want information — and they want it fast and fun. And what better way to give them what they want than with blending visual elements in marketing? When you give the people what they want, you're more likely to get it right back from them, that’s how you obtain a surge in conversions and positive responses. Going visuals help differentiate you from the rest of the pack by making sure your website looks appealing yet informative, whether on desktop or mobile. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page (get me there!) if you'd like to talk about a project or just get a quote.

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If you're not sure what kind of content or marketing tactics are right for you and your business, we can help you figure things out. We're a display advertising and marketing agency based in Asia with a proven track record of success, and have been helping businesses like yours to succeed. Our team worked with government institutions, small businesses, NGOs, and even listed companies, and surely we know the challenges that come with each. 

Allua’s marketing experts and display advertising strategists believe in providing more than just a service - we want to help you grow your business, too! We've got the expertise, experience, and personnels to help you create great content, design mesmerizing websites and apps, manage social media campaigns, and so much more. Our team members are experts in their fields, but they also know how to understand your unique marketing needs and deploy result driven services so we can work together to create a plan that will work for both of us.

Upgrade and Streamline Your Business With One of the Best Animation Agencies in Hong Kong

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Pipelines and Workflow in Animation Production Process

Making sure that your items are correctly and efficiently advertised is crucial if you want to capture the attention of your potential prospects. When trying to find successful strategies to close deals and boost sales with the help from your animation production agency, a compelling animation may hold the key. Recent decades have seen the rise of animation as a top marketing, advertising, and mass communication technique with numerous exceptional qualities that other marketing tools can hardly offer. The possibilities for animations are essentially unlimited depending on the actual medium utilized for each, or mix of mediums, styles, and techniques. With animation, unlike a live-action film, the plot is no longer constrained by the bounds of reality; instead, you may use your imagination freely to find the best fitting approach to encourage conversion!


However, you may also have heard that making an animated video takes time. Even while the animation production workflow is typically quicker than a live-action production, it's still a drawn-out procedure that you should familiarize yourself with before you start. There are typically five animation phases in this process:

​01. Brief and Research


Every marketing video begins with a discussion of a concept, brief, and any other pertinent information with your animation production agency. In order to discover as much as possible about Allua’s service, product or issues encountered, our research team will schedule a call or meeting with you. In order to determine the finest strategy for spreading the proper word about your brand in the best way, our research also assesses the market trends as well as what your competitors offer. Additionally, Allua will review anything you would like to provide for the production, including the script, branding materials, character designs, voiceover tracks, etc.

​02. ​Script Writing


The importance of this animation phase cannot be emphasized enough. What message do you want the animation to convey? Determining your piece's central theme and crafting a compelling script around it are the goals of the second phase throughout the animation process. Regardless of the subject we are working on, our team creates a clear and concise script that allows your message to stand out in the given screentime. There is no doubt that the script will serve as the basis for the remainder of your video, and a weak script will never yield a high-quality piece. As a seasoned animation production agency in Hong Kong, we conclude some commonly found mistakes in animations out there online: 5 Common Mistakes Found in Explainer Video Script. 

​03. ​Storyboarding


Generating storyboards is the third phase in the animation production process. That is essentially a graphic representation of the script. Allua will depict the keyframes coupled with descriptions for your upcoming video in a style akin to a comic book. The storyboard is one of the most important pieces of equipment in our animation production process because it not only enables clients to see and approve the final product but also aids in error prevention. Do check with your animation production agency for some latest design trends before finalizing the art direction for your animation. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page (get me there!) if you are looking for some inspiration. 

​04. ​Voice Over Recording


It's time to find the ideal narrator(s)/voice actor(s) and bring the screenplay to life. You may choose your favorite voiceover artist throughout this stage of the animation production process after listening to our excellent pool of voice actors native in multiple languages and/or accents. The voiceover talent you choose will help determine the tone of the video, making this step of the animation process one of the most important (and enjoyable!) ever. Because of this, it's crucial to pick a narrator/voice actor who will deliver the screenplay in a manner in line with your brand image.

​05. ​Illustration and Animation Production


Here comes the time when the words are ready to be put into motion given the script and storyboard are all approved. The time we had all been anticipating! The steps of animation and motion graphics involve creating the essential imagery to accompany the message. Allua’s talented animators will work on the animation after receiving your approval for all of the preceding materials. It should come as no surprise that this step is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the animation process. Each step in this phase guarantees that the production stage's visuals accurately match the original concept, which demands meticulous attention to detail. Leave us a message (get me there!) if you are interested in enjoying the service of an award winning animation video production and digital marketing agency in Hong Kong Taiwan, Singapore and China.

Looking for Help in Creating More Content?


Corporate & product videos about your successful stories allow you to create a sense of trust and authenticity. The ability to share video related to your business allows for an exponentially larger audience to be reached.


These videos are not limited to product and service demonstrations but can be presented as testimonials, behind-the-scenes, and sponsored events that allow you to build a strong relationship and interaction with your customers.



Online is increasingly the first and often the only outlet used to gather information. The importance of an appealing, user-friendly functions website and software solutions are undeniable in the tech era, yet their capability in streamlining and automating time-consuming, manual tasks must not be overlooked.

We integrated the latest web technology into our digital and video marketing campaigns to boost the performance for our clients.


Looking To Advertise Your Animation?


The popularity of social media has been hitting new heights recently, which provides breeding grounds for digital marketing. Specifically, today with the rise of online art like NFTs.


We partner with top influencers and local KOLs and provide them with promotional tasks that generate intuitive and emotional association. Our team has strong track record in social media, search engine and content marketings.


You May Also Be Wondering...

  • What is display advertising?
    Display advertising, sometimes also known as banner ads, is a type of digital advertising made to call for users to take on a specific action, like asking for a quotation of signing up for an event, through the adoption of compelling text, images, graphic designs and videos. Display advertising is essential for a well-rounded marketing strategy since they offer a wide range of ad styles and positions to highlight your products, services, and offers. One of the key objectives of display advertising is to retarget or remarket your customers and encourage them to click onto your website once again to take the same action, or an action at a different stage of the funnel since people are found to develop and associate positive thoughts to mediums that they are already familiar with.
  • How effective is Display Advertising?
    A research in 2020 concluded some of the key figures concerning some of the most preferred marketing channels amongst advertisers and marketers. Display advertising undoubtedly made it to the top of the list alongside videos, search advertising and social media. Display advertising is still considered as one of the most effective means in generating high impressions and engagements, hence keeping your brand front of mind with consumers. Being mobile responsive is also a key contributing factor to its success in the digital world, given that most browsing activities and buying decisions are made in our portable devices. And ultimately, display advertising campaigns do prove itself effective in stitching the consumer's journey together, cohering the sales funnel for an intact and personalized experience for your customers.
  • How Should I Prepare for my Display Advertising Campaign?
    Define Goal(s) / Key Performance Indicator(s) - First, settle yourself with marketing goals and pick a key performance indicator (KPI) for your display advertising campaign that best describes the results you wish to acquire. It could be view counts for a video advertisement, or a fundraising target expected to meet three months from now. These statements will impact your media buying decisions as well as the creativity of your ads. Always keep your goals achievable, measurable and time bound - providing a solid threshold to evaluate and compare the campaign’s performance later on. Market research, or simply learn from your competitors - Market research entails data gathering from target demographics in order for a company to pull off their marketing and sales initiatives more effectively. Market research is the essential component of any business strategies, applicable to both B2B and B2C, in multinational scale or locally based. It gives businesses the right insights to make data-driven decisions. You could conduct research based on brand images, your competitors, customer segmentation, consumers review, and so much more. For those who just join the industry or conduct research for a new market/product, you could also take reference from what your competitors have been up to lately. Their practices, strategies and trials could serve as a framework for you to start off, and at the same time, learn from their mistakes too. Know and define your audience - This is a vital step in your creation process as your findings will become the cornerstone for your success in display advertising. A wide array of factors come into effects including demographics, consumer behaviors, competitor’s market and products, time frame etc. If you intend to remarket a specific group of audience who has interacted or visited your website before, you may also want to apply segmentation or A/B testing for a more refined result. Preparation of Production Materials - Before jumping to discussing creative ad angles with your display advertisements designs, you should have a dedicated landing page in place as well as a set of branding guides and materials ready, including brand logos, color tones, font choices, layout instructions etc. These materials and guidelines are crucial for your customers to develop familiarity towards your brands, and preferably with intuitive reasoning of your brand propositions and values. For example, color blue usually cultivates trust and professionalism while color purple is usually associated with creativity.
  • How Should I Evaluate Display Ad Performance?
    Measuring the success of your display ad campaigns should be quite simple if your campaign objectives and key performance indicators were kept specific and measurable. Evaluating the success of display ad campaigns entails analytics to the right set of performance data. If the display ads were meant for boosting conversion, you may need to focus more on how the ads were driving traffic to your landing page, and what actions they performed before reaching to your dedicated action hence considered a successful conversion. If your campaign was meant to increase awareness, ad clicks will be one of the determinants in measuring your display ad success.
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