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Social Media Revoluntionize How People Connection Around the World

Allowing individuals to keep in touch with friends and family even when they are miles apart. More importantly, it helps businesses to connect with their customers, increase brand awareness and boost their leads and sales. If there is a particular service that is not listed below, do not hesitate to contact us!


Remarkable Results for 300+ Ambitious Brands Across 20 Countries!



Facebook offers highly targeted advertising solutions to help businesses and brands connect with over 2 billion monthly active users. Creating campaigns that target specific goals to convert awareness into action, leading to a sale.

If you are in a business with a niche product, B2C or B2B services, Facebook ads will be a good place to start your paid media journey. With new creatives, we are able to capture individuals of your interest and reached them again through remarketing to boost your sale.


Instagram is a highly visual social networking platform that provides engaging advertising solutions for your business. With its various functions, businesses are able to connect with their customers on a much more personal level. Such ads would appear on users' feeds, Stories, Explore, and more to drive ROI.

From small businesses to big B2C consumer goods to even B2B services, many businesses have tapped on this platform to increase their click-through rates. With many products on Instagram, considering remarketing would be a good way to target consumers based on their previous internet behaviour.


Linkedin allows businesses to build credibility, connect with members in a context that blurs work and leisure. In this professional networking platform, it allows you to glean insider expertise from various established experts in the industry. Linkedin ads allow businesses to reach their B2B objective and educate them to target decision-makers with exceptional business-related targeting.

Especially B2B businesses. Members on Linkedin may share their professional lives but this may influence personal purchasing as well, allowing you to discern their income to reach your desired customers.

Get Your Offer Now!

 If you're not sure what kind of content or marketing tactics are right for you and your business, we can help you figure things out. How about a coffee meetup with our consultant team? We provide solutions and expert services that can be quantified, measured and differentiated across the entire journey so you can connect with your customers wherever they are, in whatever way suits them.

Why You Should Work on Social Media Management Now?

Brand Awareness

Social media allows a great increase of your brand recognition as you engage in a broad audience base. By interacting with your consumers through social media and getting your employees, business partners and even sponsors to like and share your page, this would greatly increase your visibility as a brand. Each post that is shared exposes your brand to a new set of target audience, this would generate a wide audience range for your business.

Client Satisfaction

As a networking and communication platform, businesses are able to create a voice for your brand which is important for humanity. Many customers highly appreciate brands that would recognise their comments, mentions and likes. Additionally, with a personalised reponses, this would mean that your brand is attentive to your target audience which would increase customer retention rates. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate your compassion towards your customers. A brand that is denoted to their customers by taking time to ask their questions as well as addressing their complaints would be seen in a positive light.

Brand Loyalty

Social media is a platform to develop your loyal customer base. As customer satisfaction as well as brand loyalty are deemed to work hand in hand, it is essential that your brand regularly communicates with your customers to develop a deep customer relationship. Social media is not just a platform for promotions but it is also a platform where customers are able to communicate directly with your brand. As technology evolves, companies are bound to implement social media marketing strategies to capture the attention of their customers to remain competitive in their industry.

Cost Effective

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods used to increase your brands' visibility and syndicate content. From creating an account to posting pictures, everything is free, and any paid promotions are up to individual businesses’ preference. Being cost-effective is such an advantage as businesses are able to gain greater ROI as well as maintaining a greater budget for other expenses in the company. In the event, you would like to use paid advertising, you are always allowed to start small and as low as even $2. By spending a small amount of money, you would be able to see a significant increase in your conversion rates before deciding on investing more

Free Report on AI-Powered
Competitor Analysis

You could have an overview to your  competitor's online presence, including their performance in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, quality of content created, and so much more. Most importanty, it is free of charge!

  • What is display advertising?
    Display advertising, sometimes also known as banner ads, is a type of digital advertising made to call for users to take on a specific action, like asking for a quotation of signing up for an event, through the adoption of compelling text, images, graphic designs and videos. Display advertising is essential for a well-rounded marketing strategy since they offer a wide range of ad styles and positions to highlight your products, services, and offers. One of the key objectives of display advertising is to retarget or remarket your customers and encourage them to click onto your website once again to take the same action, or an action at a different stage of the funnel since people are found to develop and associate positive thoughts to mediums that they are already familiar with.
  • How effective is Display Advertising?
    A research in 2020 concluded some of the key figures concerning some of the most preferred marketing channels amongst advertisers and marketers. Display advertising undoubtedly made it to the top of the list alongside videos, search advertising and social media. Display advertising is still considered as one of the most effective means in generating high impressions and engagements, hence keeping your brand front of mind with consumers. Being mobile responsive is also a key contributing factor to its success in the digital world, given that most browsing activities and buying decisions are made in our portable devices. And ultimately, display advertising campaigns do prove itself effective in stitching the consumer's journey together, cohering the sales funnel for an intact and personalized experience for your customers.
  • How Should I Prepare for my Display Advertising Campaign?
    Define Goal(s) / Key Performance Indicator(s) - First, settle yourself with marketing goals and pick a key performance indicator (KPI) for your display advertising campaign that best describes the results you wish to acquire. It could be view counts for a video advertisement, or a fundraising target expected to meet three months from now. These statements will impact your media buying decisions as well as the creativity of your ads. Always keep your goals achievable, measurable and time bound - providing a solid threshold to evaluate and compare the campaign’s performance later on. Market research, or simply learn from your competitors - Market research entails data gathering from target demographics in order for a company to pull off their marketing and sales initiatives more effectively. Market research is the essential component of any business strategies, applicable to both B2B and B2C, in multinational scale or locally based. It gives businesses the right insights to make data-driven decisions. You could conduct research based on brand images, your competitors, customer segmentation, consumers review, and so much more. For those who just join the industry or conduct research for a new market/product, you could also take reference from what your competitors have been up to lately. Their practices, strategies and trials could serve as a framework for you to start off, and at the same time, learn from their mistakes too. Know and define your audience - This is a vital step in your creation process as your findings will become the cornerstone for your success in display advertising. A wide array of factors come into effects including demographics, consumer behaviors, competitor’s market and products, time frame etc. If you intend to remarket a specific group of audience who has interacted or visited your website before, you may also want to apply segmentation or A/B testing for a more refined result. Preparation of Production Materials - Before jumping to discussing creative ad angles with your display advertisements designs, you should have a dedicated landing page in place as well as a set of branding guides and materials ready, including brand logos, color tones, font choices, layout instructions etc. These materials and guidelines are crucial for your customers to develop familiarity towards your brands, and preferably with intuitive reasoning of your brand propositions and values. For example, color blue usually cultivates trust and professionalism while color purple is usually associated with creativity.
  • How Should I Evaluate Display Ad Performance?
    Measuring the success of your display ad campaigns should be quite simple if your campaign objectives and key performance indicators were kept specific and measurable. Evaluating the success of display ad campaigns entails analytics to the right set of performance data. If the display ads were meant for boosting conversion, you may need to focus more on how the ads were driving traffic to your landing page, and what actions they performed before reaching to your dedicated action hence considered a successful conversion. If your campaign was meant to increase awareness, ad clicks will be one of the determinants in measuring your display ad success.

Get Your Offer Now

If you're not sure what kind of content or marketing tactics are right for you and your business, we can help you figure things out. We're a display advertising and marketing agency based in Asia with a proven track record of success, and have been helping businesses like yours to succeed. Our team worked with government institutions, small businesses, NGOs, and even listed companies, and surely we know the challenges that come with each. 

Allua’s marketing experts and display advertising strategists believe in providing more than just a service - we want to help you grow your business, too! We've got the expertise, experience, and personnels to help you create great content, design mesmerizing websites and apps, manage social media campaigns, and so much more. Our team members are experts in their fields, but they also know how to understand your unique marketing needs and deploy result driven services so we can work together to create a plan that will work for both of us.

Looking for Help in Content Creation Too?


Seeing is believing, and for many people the deciding factor of whether or not to commit to your product/service relies on the ability to witness it in action. 

Customers are 81% more likely to purchase after having seen a demo video and 4 times as many customers prefer watching an animation video demonstration than reading text. Our animation design and production services are designated to provide an engaging video marketing experience to your target audience.



Corporate & product videos about your successful stories allow you to create a sense of trust and authenticity. The ability to share video related to your business allows for an exponentially larger audience to be reached.


These videos are not limited to product and service demonstrations but can be presented as testimonials, behind-the-scenes, and sponsored events that allow you to build a strong relationship and interaction with your customers.


Improve Your Ad Performance with Machine Learning!


Online is increasingly the first and often the only outlet used to gather information. The importance of an appealing, user-friendly functions website and software solutions are undeniable in the tech era, yet their capability in streamlining and automating time-consuming, manual tasks must not be overlooked.

We integrated the latest web technology into our digital and video marketing campaigns to boost the performance for our clients.


2023 Digital Marketing Trends & Insights

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