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Precision Marketing to Gen-Z & Millenials

What new restaurants have opened in the neighborhood? 

Is the makeup brand that my friend introduced to me any good? 

My house is a mess, what kind of organizer could help?

In the past, you will not hesitate to go to Google, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube to search for relevant information and refer to other users' reviews when you have the above questions in mind. As for the newer generation, Xiaohongshu (also known as the Little Red Book or simply Red), targeting the young user group, is a favorite online shopping and social networking software for the new generation of consumers. Since its launch in 2013, it has been described as the Chinese version of Instagram, with hundreds of millions of users' tips on make-up, fashion, home design, health, travel, and self-fulfillment, making it an indicator of the young generation's life.


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By 2022, Xiaohongshu will have more than 200 million monthly active users, with more than half of the users coming from first- and second-tier cities with higher spending power, and the proportion of post-90s users is even higher than 70%. The usage of Xiaohongshu is similar to that of Instagram, as users can post content after creating an account. In addition to basic text, users can also use emoticons, animations, photos and videos to enrich their content, and they can interact with other users through the modes of liking, bookmarking, and tracking, which provides a diversified and solid foundation for the development of Xiaohongshu's community model.

Xiaohongshu also considers what brands actually need - combining the social model and e-commerce, using soft promotions to facilitate product sales. With its active users and strong consumption power, Xiaohongshu has created a unique "grass-planting" culture (i.e., the process of sharing /recommending a product to stimulate others’ shopping desire), making it a natural marketing tool for both domestic and international brands to enter the mainland market.


Research shows that consumers in Mainland China appear to be very obsessive about researching brands and product reputation and whether it has been recommended by acquaintances before making a purchase, with as many as 90% of consumers research before making a purchase. Almost all of Xiaohongshu's features are built with this goal in mind, such as shopping notes, tutorials, and social e-commerce communities. Shopping notes include shopping tips from organic users, from brands, photos, prices, locations and even comparisons with products from merchants in the same area can be recorded in detail, and shopping notes with enough attention and retweets will undoubtedly become the shopping standard for netizens to refer to. Tutorial content also provides consumers with the simplest and most direct shopping experience. Short courses in the form of fast consuming content, such as "Do these ten steps and you'll be a makeup master," combined with online stores, could maximize sales with no doubt while enhancing the effect of Xiaohongshu's KOLs community and "grass-planting" culture.


Xiaohongshu's content suggestion is similar to that of Facebook and Instagram, with an algorithm that pushes relevant content to users based on data such as discussion buzz, number of likes, number of views, tracking trends, user preferences, and so on. In addition to keeping the user's sense of excitement on Xiaohongshu, it catalyzes the user's shopping demand by extending the relevant content and themes, and with the evaluation of other users, further strengthening the desire to consume and unleash the potential of a stronger online economy. For example, if a woman who originally wanted to study winter coats was attracted by the content of "how to match coats with boots“, the brand has successfully opened up opportunities and markets for the sale of long boots. The upsell targeting fall/winter cosmetics, beauty and health care is conducive to secondary sales for brands, and the seamless integration of Xiaohongshu's platform with online stores makes consumer purchasing behavior more intuitive and convenient.

Xiaohongshu was known as the "girls' exclusive platform" as it was established. In fact, the male users of Xiaohongshu have grown rapidly over the years, from a single digit in 2013 when Xiaohongshu was founded to 30% by 2022, and the male 31-50 age group has even recorded an explosive 30% growth in the last year, joining the new main force of online consumption. As more brands cater to the male demographic, the gender-friendly content on Xiaohongshu is becoming more mature in terms of food, digital technology, sports events, cars, etc., and the existing positioning of beauty and fashion can be extended more comprehensively, which is a development opportunity that new brands cannot afford to miss.


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 If you're not sure what kind of content or marketing tactics are right for you and your business, we can help you figure things out. How about a coffee meetup with our consultant team? We provide solutions and expert services that can be quantified, measured and differentiated across the entire journey so you can connect with your customers wherever they are, in whatever way suits them.


Most Shared Topics: Skincare, Makeup, Diet, Education


Growth of discussions in fashion, celebrity, etc. is slowing down while life, travel, wedding, photography, etc. sparks discussion


Monthly posts published by men is higher than the average, and is also on the rise each year.


Top three regions in terms of the number of users outside Mainland China: Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong

Reasons You Need Allua as Your Xiaohongshu Marketing Partner?

Unlike the UI environments of Facebook and Google which most of you should be quite familiar with, Xiaohongshu has a unique ecosystem and operates on a specific set of guidelines. For brands that are new to the mainland China market, it is quite a challenge to quickly digest both the time and labor costs required to apply and comprehend the user materials.


Allua has worked with Xiaohongshu officials for a number of Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas clients to obtain branded accounts and official certificates, as well as assisting brands in completing the officially-required partner auditing process on an annual basis.


Upon successful application, Allua will also lead the client to set up your first first online store and kick off the content distribution planning, including the production of all text and multimedia materials. It is not easy for non-Mainland companies to understand the shopping habits and preferences of consumers in the Mainland market, and Allua's professional team could help clients publish original, search-keyword-based content that is relevant to the dynamic needs of Xiaohongshu audience.


Allua will embark on advertising campaigns, performance evaluation and seek partnership opportunities with KOLs, and provide clients with the most up-to-date platform and user data on a quarterly or annual basis, such as the latest festive marketing campaigns, official event promotions etc., to provide favorable insight reports for the upcoming content planning, in a bid to maximize your brand's visibility amid massive amounts of user generated content.

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If you're not sure what kind of content or marketing tactics are right for you and your business, we can help you figure things out. We're a display advertising and marketing agency based in Asia with a proven track record of success, and have been helping businesses like yours to succeed. Our team worked with government institutions, small businesses, NGOs, and even listed companies, and surely we know the challenges that come with each. 

Allua’s marketing experts and display advertising strategists believe in providing more than just a service - we want to help you grow your business, too! We've got the expertise, experience, and personnels to help you create great content, design mesmerizing websites and apps, manage social media campaigns, and so much more. Our team members are experts in their fields, but they also know how to understand your unique marketing needs and deploy result driven services so we can work together to create a plan that will work for both of us.

Looking for Help in Content Creation Too?


Seeing is believing, and for many people the deciding factor of whether or not to commit to your product/service relies on the ability to witness it in action. 

Customers are 81% more likely to purchase after having seen a demo video and 4 times as many customers prefer watching an animation video demonstration than reading text. Our animation design and production services are designated to provide an engaging video marketing experience to your target audience.



Corporate & product videos about your successful stories allow you to create a sense of trust and authenticity. The ability to share video related to your business allows for an exponentially larger audience to be reached.


These videos are not limited to product and service demonstrations but can be presented as testimonials, behind-the-scenes, and sponsored events that allow you to build a strong relationship and interaction with your customers.


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Online is increasingly the first and often the only outlet used to gather information. The importance of an appealing, user-friendly functions website and software solutions are undeniable in the tech era, yet their capability in streamlining and automating time-consuming, manual tasks must not be overlooked.

We integrated the latest web technology into our digital and video marketing campaigns to boost the performance for our clients.


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